The light off-road utility vehicle.
Why not a Hybrid Vehicle

In 1984 I did a BSc Thesis on the conceptual design of a light off-road utility vehicle. I investigated several possible propulsion systems.

I was at the time most interested in:

-petrol-electric or a
-diesel-hydraulic drive train.

This was because these concepts gave me the most freedom in designing and laying out the utility vehicle.

But I could not find suitable electric hub motors or hydraulic hub motors as all the available products where far to heavy for a light utility vehicle like I had in mind.
The products I found where mainly for use in heavy earth moving or mining vehicles where weight, and bulk, was not an issue.

My concept vehicle was thus conceived with a mechanical drive train which was rather complex and expensive on to boot.

I need to scan in some drawing of my vehicle as in 1984 most designs where drawn by hand and information distributed in typewritten reports.

Stay tuned - and in the meantime enjoy the huge Rollington Vehicles.

Large utility vehicles

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