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Hybrid Vehicle links

Engineering and Hybrid Vehicle technology

Advanced Vehicles & Fuel Research at The National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The Society of Automotive Engineers

The International Association for Hydrogen Energy

E-Traction TheWheel
E-Traction are developing very interesting electric motors and electric drive units for Buses, Trucks and 4x4.

The Air Car
The Air Car is a breakthrough application of an old concept. A small city car powered by compressed air... how clean can you get!.

Hybrid Car
The Hybrid Car site is an excellent hybrid car information registry.

Vehicle history links

The Steam Car Club of Great Britain
A good resource on Steam Vehicles. The Steam Car Club has a comprehensive collection of links to quality Steam Vehicle and Steam Power related sites.

Interesting Vehicle links

A high quality 4x4 and 4x4 travel site!

Other Automotive Resources


Millions Of Items - Buy or Sale - OneOnlineAuction & Ebay
In affiliation with EBAY.com On any given day, there are millions of items across thousands of categories for sale.. OneOnlineAuction and EBAY - See For Yourself!! 

Other interesting links

I will gradually add more links to high quality sites here.