The Parallel Hybrid Vehicle!

Parallel hybrid

Many of the new hybrid vehicles today are parallel Hybrid vehicles.
The Parallel Hybrid has an ICE that works in conjunction with a small electric motor, 5kW to 25kW, to provide extra torque to the powertrain system in the car.
The parallel hybrid can also utilize the engine to charge the battery pack during less intense power driving cycles, such as cruising at freeway speeds.

In a parallel hybrid it is possible to turn the engine off and run the electric motor from the battery pack for shorter in-town driving. In this case, the Parallel hybrid acts as a fully electric vehicle and becomes virtually emissions free.
The driving range of a Parallel Hybrid can achieve up to 400 miles or more.

Parallel Hybrid Application

The Ford Escape SUV

The Ford Escape Hybrid SUV is an example of a Parallel Hybrid application in a Sport Utility Vehicle.

Toyota and Lexus Hybrid Vehicles

The Toyota Prius and the Toyota and Lexus Hybrid SUV's use Parallel Hybrid technology.

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