The Quantum Aggressor
A New Hybrid
Alternative Mobility Vehicle

The Quantum Aggressor AMV Hybrid Vehicle

QTWW¹ and the U.S. Army's TARDEC's NAC² have produced this aggressive looking hybrid off-roader - The Quantum Aggressor.

The Aggressor off road vehicle is powered by a

fuel cell.

Quantum Aggressor AMV

¹Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide
²Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center's National Automotive Center


Preliminary tests have shown the acceleration of the Quantum Aggressor to be far superior to a corresponding ICE-powered all-terrain vehicle. With the Aggressor accelerating from 0-60 km/h (40 miles per hour) in approximately 4 seconds.

Ungoverned, the Quantum Aggressor is capable of reaching speeds of nearly 130 km/h (~ 80 miles per hour). Quantum's electronic control system imposes torque and speed limits (120 km/h or 75 miles per hour) on the drive train to enhance traction and safety.


But speed isn't really what the Aggressor is about - Stealth is the name of the game. The vehicle has a "virtually silent operating mode with reduced thermal signature," making it harder to spot the car.

Portable generator

The Quantum Aggressor can be driven to the intended destination and then be used as a silent power generator to produce high quality electricity for telecommunications, surveillance, targeting, and other battlefield equipment. Additionally the vehicle does not produce any emissions throughout the different operating modes.

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Quantum Aggressor AMV

A rear view of the Aggressor!

Specifications Hydrogen storage

Hydrogen is stored in Type IV impact resistant carbon fiber storage tanks. The Type IV tanks are polymer-lined and fully wrapped with fiber composite. (Types I through III are fully metal or metal-lined. The Type IV tanks, with plastic instead of metal, are better for weight-sensitive applications). Traditionally, carbon fiber has a poor resistance to impact damage. Quantum has added a proprietary, impact-resistant shell to the outside of its tanks, which hold up to 10,000 psi (700 bar).


The Quantum Aggressor runs on compressed hydrogen utilizing, the aforementioned, carbon fiber storage tanks. A 10 kW (13.5 hp) fuel cell is coupled with a 60 kW battery in a parallel hybrid configuration powering a high-torque electric motor(1,681 ft-lbs or 2,280 Nm) driving the rear wheels. The Aggressor gets the extra torque by using the battery pack which is not only charged by the Fuel Cell but also captures energy from braking (regenerative braking).


The Aggressor suffers from the same limitation that automakers are dealing with: the fact that it's hard to store much hydrogen on board. The storage tanks holds approximately 1.6 gallons of hydrogen. That indicates a range of about 150-160 km (~ 100 miles).

However the Aggressor is the first environment friendly (emission wise) dune-buggy an represents what this kind of technology can produce.

This article is based on Aggressor promotional material and related press releases.

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